Ku-Ak welcome the opportunity of providing a high level consultant to perform the role of a Programme Director. Such a consultant would then be assigned to you the client to review your I.T. Requirements for your business and produce a strategy report for presentation to the board.
We are currently working with a number of clients to determine when the business necessities technology migrations and upgrades.
Such business critical decisions have assisted our clients to determine how to consolidate I.T. Systems during mergers, acquisitions and takeovers. Other strategy reviews have assisted our clients to determine the appropriate time to upgrade systems to current technologies to meet millennium compliance. We are also assisting our clients to determine when to upgrade their systems to accommodate the Euro and the eventuality of the European Monetary Union.
Ku-Ak will also work with you to determine the life span of your current systems and assist you the client to re-engineer your systems away from rigid inflexible legacy systems.
Ku-Ak are also on hand to advise or to make recommendations when considering down-sizing or migrating between mainframe and client server technologies.
Our consultants are available to assist your business to make I.T work for you by helping you make the right decision to move forward when it counts.


Ku-Ak have a portfolio of very experienced programme managers and project managers that are available for assignment to scope and initiate projects or programmes of work. Our programme and project managers are also available, if you so desire, to manage such projects or programmes of work through to a successful delivery.
Our programme managers are experienced resource managers who can provide an on-site team of project managers, technicians and administrative staff to seamlessly operate alongside your own staff.
Our outstanding project implementation and delivery track record is achieved through the integration of processes, people and technology capabilities using multinational, interdisciplinary teams that work worldwide with client organizations in industry, commerce and government.
Therefore, do not delay a business critical project because you do not have sufficient expertise or resource in house to manage it, just call Ku-Ak, who will be more than happy to take ownership of your requirements.


Ku-Ak have a proven track record in accurately sizing and evaluating the cost of providing on-site support and facilities management service. Every opportunity is considered on merit and no project is either to big or too small.
Ku-Ak offers a scalable turnkey service to define scope and implement your facilities management requirements. Our process then assists you to define a model solution with procedures to manage third party suppliers and develop service level requirements to meet the demands of your day to day business.
Ku-Ak have a wealth of technical resource available whom can quickly be briefed, mobilized and seamlessly integrated into your working environment to provide the service delivery team that will completely satisfy your facilities management requirements.
Alternatively, Ku-AK can assist you to define and scope your facilities management requirements and then transform them into an invitation to tender to assist you in the search and selection of the most appropriate business partner.