Every project won by Ku-Ak is assigned to a service delivery team. This team will, from the projects inception, formulate a plan and deliver the desired requirements of the client as set out in the terms of reference. A typical service delivery team will be a group of consultants comprised of; Principal, Systems and Technical consultants, the number of personnel involved will be dependent upon the size and scope of the project. The three types of consultants can be described as follows:-


Principal consultants are the most senior consultants ranging from Programme Directors through to Project Managers. Their roll is to perform all of the project initiation tasks of the assignment. They will be the primary contact for all project matters, and will be the major client facing representative and negotiator on behalf of our consultancy services. A principal consultant will normally formulate all the high level documentation and strategies required to obtain client sign-off.


Systems consultants tend to be technical team leaders heading a team of technical consultants, thus ensuring that the project is progressing along the guidelines laid down by the principal consultants. Typically they will be from a technical background, and will generally carry out all the one off technical tasks such as prototyping, system testing and detailed planning of technical tasks. Systems consultants are typically systems integrators, solution providers, hardware designers, technical architects, system managers, business analysts and network designers etc.....


Technical consultants are the technical engineers that actually carry out the desired technical tasks. They are typically hardware engineers, analyst programmers and support analysts. Wherever possible, it is our policy to assist all of our technical consultants to obtain industry accepted accreditation such as Microsoft's MCSE or Novell's CNE qualifications.
Each service delivery team is then managed by a consulting partner to ensure consistency of quality and service, at all stages of the process.